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Advanced Condensed Matter Physics

Main texts:


1- Quantum Theory of Materials by Efthimios Kaxiras and John D. Joannopoulos

2- Modern Condensed Matter Physics 

3-Berry Phases in Electronic Structure Theory:Electric Polarization, Orbital Magnetization, and Topological Insulators by David Vanderbilt

4-Electronic Structure: Basic Theory and Practical Methods by Richard M. Martin


Topics covered in this course are

Dynamics and Topological Constraints 

Symmetries Beyond Translational Periodicity

Berry Phases and Curvatures and Wannier Functions



Advanced Condensed Matter Physics

Quantum Mechanics 

Grading Policy: 

Homework:        20 %     

Midterm Exam:   40 %

Final exam:        40 %


Sunday and Tuesday : 08:00-09:30


Fall 2022

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